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Electronically
"Protecting Signature Privacy By Replacing The Traditional Sign In Sheet"
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List of Product Features
Process
  • Register as many visitors, vendors, and residents as your organization requires with unlimited documentation of all entrants
  • Quick and contactless sign-in, utilizing facial recognition
  • Capability for each user to pre-register with a QR code on his or her own device
  • Kiosks capture a photo of each new entrant
  • Cloud-based, highly accurate facial recognition software
  • Fully contactless temperature calibration of each entrant
  • Register each user in a customizable category, such as staff, visitor, vendor, doctor, resident, or other category of your choosing
  • Kiosk collects the personal information of users in each category, such as phone number, email address, home address, and more
  • Create sign-in questions unique to each user category
  • Prompt user to fill out consent and facility policy forms during sign-in
  • Fully contactless CDC health questionnaire, using a simple head gesture to respond
  • Kiosk denies entry following an answer indicating that a user is unsafe to enter
  • Identify all visitors with a printed badge, complete with a photo and time stamp
  • Verify each user’s Covid-19 vaccination status upon entry
  • Vaccination status is clearly displayed on each visitor’s identification badge
  • Visitors and vendors are prompted to select who they’ve come to see
  • Kiosk informs users of facility protocols using combined audio and text
  • Security is alerted when a visitor is denied access
  • Kiosk audio guides the user through each step of sign-in
  • Customizable sign-out options for each user category

  • Access Advanced Entry’s online portal for a detailed analysis of all activity
  • Activity tracking in real-time
  • Search guests by cross-referencing with residents they’ve visited
  • View and export reports, featuring details such as users’ temperature and questionnaire results, while easily filtering by date range and user category
  • Store all accepted documents in a HIPAA-compliant cloud database
  • Administrative override available to approve denied entries
  • Assess all Google reviews posted by registrants
  • Issue SMS or email blasts to all registrants
  • Easily switch through analytics and reports for each of your organization’s locations, using one login
  • Assign various administrative capabilities to employees based on role

Instant Alerts/Notifications
  • Welcome SMS alert for visitors, featuring your facility’s security protocols
  • SMS alert when visit time has ended, as well as five minutes prior to departure
  • Good-bye SMS alert as visitors exit the building
  • SMS and email prompts direct visitors to rate their experience on Google
  • Staff and residents receive notifications when someone arrives to visit them
  • Customizable alerts upon entering based on user category
  • Capability to notify department head of a new visitor’s arrival
  • Receive a notification of each new registration
  • Management is alerted if a visitor overstays
  • Administrator receives text/email alert if a user displays a temperature above the established threshold
  • Administrator receives text/email alert if a user fails the health questionnaire
  • Receive security alerts for unwanted visitors
  • Receive notifications for issues with badge printing
  • Daily/weekly activity reports sent automatically via email
  • Administrator is notified when visitor feedback is received

  • Reviews/Visitor Feedback - Boost Your Online Presence
    • Capability for visitors to provide their feedback
    • Push positive Google ratings
    • Send visitors a link to a custom review survey
    • Administrator is notified of all feedback and Google reviews received
    • Manually request feedback from any visitor

    • All-in-one device: includes a facial recognition camera, thermometer, QR code reader, and ID reader
    • Synchronize multiple kiosks in the same facility
    • No data is stored on kiosk to ensure security
    • Add a branded facility logo to kiosks and printed badges
    • LED disinfection light
    • High speed laser printer
    • Audio instruction
    • Effortless installation - no setup required
    • Automatic software updates
    • Priced per each facility regardless of number of kiosks
    • No implementation fee
    • Ships with UPS same day as your order is placed

    Other Features
    • Branded web page for pre-registration
    • Pre-register QR code, shareable across social media
    • Pre-registration email, containing visit and location details
    • Establish threshold for temperature
    • Multiple language options available
    • Add a personalized ‘entrance denied’ message
    • Blacklist an unauthorized person
    • Kiosk retrieves and displays the last resident that the guest visited
    • Guest is prompted to provide the reason for their visit
    • Integrate with and control electronic entrances
    • Open API integration
    • Upload and integrate your staff list
    • Integrate kiosks with your staff’s time and attendance
    • Quickly register staff using their ID or social security number
    • Integrate with your patient directory
    • Unlimited cloud storage

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